Training Your Puppy: The Dos and Donts


Well, You got a new puppy so now here comes the part where you have to train them or else your cute bubbly puppy will be leaving you an unwanted surprise every time duty calls. Training is very important when it comes to teaching your pet at a young age the rules of the house and more. There are different ways to train your dog and they can each have different purposes as well. For example, Training your dog not to use the bathroom in the house will be different than training your dog to fetch and roll over.

Well, Today i am going to give you some tips that make training your puppy a breeze so sit back and relax and get ready for some of gabbys advice!

I will list five quick tips that any pet owner can do that will make training an easy thing. Lets begin shall we!!!!

Tip #1. Always have an incentive.
*Have a treat for your puppy, letting them know that this is the treat  they will get if they do the right thing. If you continue with this, it will come automatic to your pet so they will go to know if they do good a treat will come.

Tip #2. Proper Discipline
*Discipline doesnt have to be a bad thing if you are doing it the right way. The pet has to realize that using the bathroom in the house is a big no-no so properly telling your pet no and taking them outside to do their business is a good way for proper discipline.

Tip #3. Having Patience
*Being patient with your pet is a major key because this allows the puppy to gradually understand your rules and obey them too.

Tip #4. Try Crate Training your pet
*This one will be hard and it will definitely show your puppy some tough love but it is an accurate way to train your puppy to not to use the bathroom in the house. If you dont know what Crate Training is, click on this link to show you more and learn about house training as well>>>>>

Tip #5. Hire a pet professional
*If you cant train your pet, you might want to hire someone to do it for you. This is an easy way out but can also be hard as well.

Here are just a few donts for training your puppy.

*Dont get frustrated with your pet. This type of thing takes time. Just like when we were young we had to learn to use the potty. They are learning too.

*Dont forget to take your dog out numerous times a day. They need more than one time to do their business.

* Dont forget to take the water bowl before the end of the night. This one speaks for itself.

Personally, While training my dog ruth, it wasnt as hard as i thought but it still took time and a whole lot of patience. One time it took her 30 minutes just to use the bathroom. She was too busy stiffing around trying to find a spot and looking at things but eventually she went. Even though i had to wait 30 minutes, it was all worth it. I love my dog ruth!! Happy Dog Days Everyone!!!!


How was your experience training your dog for the first time? Was it hard or easy like my dog ruth? Comment below and dont forget to follow me too!!