Best Dog Movies You Have To See


As a film and dog lover, it’s always amazing when these two areas cross over successfully. Below are the dog movies you have to see!

  1. Beethoven is a classic movie about a saint bernard and his family who loves him, regardless of his shenanigans. Beethoven’s family ends up having to save him from his evil veterinarian who is planning to kill Beethoven and other dogs for testing. It ends up being a fun movie for families to watch together.
  2. Lassie is another classic movie, this time about a border collie who becomes a hero. There are several adaptations since the original novel, and although all are special, the 1994 film stands out. A family movies to the countryside after the death of the mother and subsequent remarriage of the father. Everyone has a hard time adjusting, especially their son Matt. Things become easier once they take in Lassie and Matt forms a strong bond with her. As things progress, Lassie saves a boy from a raging river and becomes a hero. A touching story about the different ways dogs can change lives.
  3. All Dogs go to Heaven focuses on Charlie B. Barkin, who returns from heaven to get revenge on the evil dog that killed him. He enlists his friend and an orphan child for their help. Charlie and his friend learn a lot of important lessons about love and loyalty from the orphaned child.  This movie is funny, sweet and sad. Any child will love this animated movie.
  4. My Dog Skip is a movie about a boy, Willie, and his dog, Skip, who become best friends.  Willie is picked on and doesn’t have many friends. Once his mother adopts Skip, things start to change for Willie for the better. This movie can be quite sad in parts, so be ready for a tear jerker.
  5. Homeward Bound stars two dogs, Chance and Shadow, and a cat, Sassy. Each animal has their own personality and come from a loving family. While the family leaves on vacation, the animals are left with a friend on a farm. Chance, Shadow and Sassy are confused as to why they are being left and their human family is leaving. They take the chance to travel across the state of California in order to get back home. It’s a heart-warming story about the strong bond between humans and animals.

There are so many fantastic dog movies, it’s hard to choose five. These films are classics that cannot be overlooked.