Is Your Dog This Smart?


A border collie by the name of Chaser has become huge news due to her incredible smarts. Her owner, John Pilley, managed to teach her over 1,000 words. It started off by Chaser learning a few words for specific toys and then continued to grow. Eventually, she could understand verbs, adverbs and prepositions. John is excited to see that she is able to learn how sentences work and how words within sentences can have different meanings. Chaser understands that ball means any round object and frisbee is a circular disc. When she gets a new toy, she can pick it out among the familiar ones before she learns it’s name. This dog knows more words than any animal, other than humans. John emphasizes the importance of fun while teaching Chaser. This allows her to add a value to the toy and it’s word, plus it builds a relationship with her human. It’s an amazing testament to the brain capacity dog’s possess, especially border collie’s, in this case. John also deserves credit as a dedicated trainer, since each exercise the word is said 40 times and completed 20 times throughout the day. This is some serious motivation to train my dog to his fullest potential!

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