Is a Harness Necessary?


Today, most areas have leash laws, meaning all dogs must be leashed at all times. With this comes the age old question, are harnesses necessary? There does seem to be a strong bias that using a harness is the best way to walk a dog. There is certainly truth behind this bias, but there are some major reasons to absolutely use a harness.

It’s important to consider the size of the dog. Generally, large dogs tend to be quite muscular. A harness will allow for better control, if they are not yet properly trained on a leash. Smaller dogs can be more prone to injuries, so using a harness allows the stress to be spread out over a large area, leading to less strain in one area. Using a harness can also be safer for dogs, especially if they tend to pull or fight the leash for one reason or another. Putting too much pressure on their throat area can cause neck and trachea injuries, using a harness would take the pressure off the neck. When using the collar, it’s easy for a dog, or you, to become tangled in the leash. Often, dogs will not realize this issue and could accidentally cause harm to themself or yourself. It’s much more difficult for a dog to become tangled if the leash is clipped to a harness on their back. Another important reason to use a harness is that it makes it easier to train. Of course, an untrained dog will pull and could cause harm. Beside that, it’s easier to teach and control a dog’s behavior if a harness is being used. Harnesses are also important because it’s much harder for a dog to wiggle out of it, compared to a collar. Many harnesses can be used in the car to buckle in a dog incase of an accident.

Overall, wearing a harness will help immensely in a number of ways. There are many types of harnesses that can make it easier for you and your dog. It’s important to not keep it on too long, because it can irritate the fur and skin.