Wacky Wednesday Countdown: A-Z All about dogs


In honor of dogs and dog owners everywhere, I’ve decided to do an alphabetical list all about dogs. I am going to split it in half so today ill be doing A through M and on friday ill be finishing it off N through Z. Lets get started shall we.

A is for Apples.

Your pet can eat this fruit but it has to be administered in small amounts and it also has to be cut in very small chunks.

B is for beagles.

Beagles are very friendly animals who love spending time outside and with their owners.

C is for chinese cresent.

These dogs are shy at first but they are good company for those who are laid  back and chill.

D is for dogs.
Dogs no matter the size and breed are a mans best friend. Unless you’re allergic.  But there are ways around that too.

E is for Energy.

Dogs can give you the much needed energy that you need after a long day.

F is for Frisbee.

One of a dogs favorite toys is the frizbee.

G is for good friend.

Dogs are great companions and they can help in many ways.

H is for hero.

One of most popular male dog name.

I is for intelligent.

Dogs are very intelligent animals. They have great memory and more.

J is for Japanese Terrier.
These animals are small in size but big in energy and compassion.

K is for Kennel.

Sometimes going to a dog kennel might help you see the variety of dogs that are locally in your area.

L is for Learning Experience.

Having a dog is definitely a learning experience. You will grow to learn what your dog likes and what they dont.

M is for Maturity.

As a dog owner, having maturity is definitely important in the context of seeing your dog grow socially, physically and more.

Well there you have it A through M. All about Dogs. Catch the rest on friday which is N through Z. Life is what you make it. Happy dog days everyone!!!!!


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** pictures courtesy of google images.**