Puppy Dental Hygiene


There are quite a multitude of things that one needs to take care of when trying to maintain the health of a dog. One of them is their dental hygiene. A dog’s teeth are extremely important, just like our own. Without them, they would not be able to chew food before they try to swallow and digest it. There are many things that we can do in the early stages of a young dog’s life to ensure long term dental health.

When they are puppies, find a way to make them comfortable with humans touching his mouth and gums. You can incentivize him with praise or treats to make it easier. This helps them less irritated when they have to have their teeth examined by a vet later in life. Another is to have some chew toys around for when they start teething, as to ensure that they don’t tear up shoes or furniture. Puppies chewing on toys or dry food is important because it helps them scrape off bacteria and food of the surface of the teeth, which greatly reduces the risk for plaque to develop. A final tip to ensuring healthy puppy is to make the brushing of their teeth a regular habit. After all, they can’t do it by themselves! Once they are accustomed to having their mouth handled, try brushing at least several times a week if not daily. It is key to develop these habits early in order to ensure a healthy mouth for the rest of their adult life.