Owning a Large Dog


When a person decides to buy a large dog, there is a lot of pros and cons to weigh out. Large dogs are amazing pets, but it’s important to consider and understand exactly the kind of care they need.

Of course, large breeds need space inside a home and outside. A dog should be able to rest and play comfortably in their home. Large breeds have tons of energy and need room to exercise and run around outside. Many can live in apartments given they have enough outside time.

Many large dog breeds make great watchmen, if they’re trained properly. Many are also great as family dogs, especially with children. These types of dogs typically have an even temperament and are extremely loyal.

Larger dogs tend to be the easiest to train, which is a huge plus! They are eager to please and many large breeds are the most trainable.

These kinds of dogs do cost more money to maintain. They’re larger so they eat more, and wear their belongings out quicker (beds, leashes, toys). Even veterinary care costs more.

Large breeds tend to have shorter life spans. It definitely varies by breed, but in general, large breeds means shorter life spans 🙁

All in all, these pros outweigh the cons big time. As long as you’re prepared for a large dog, it’s a great experience!