Ways to keep your dog from being afraid of the fireworks


The Fourth of July is a grand celebration for everyone who lives in America.  Each person usually partakes in some sort of celebratory activities, wheather is be grilling out, going to the pool, or watching the fireworks.  Fireworks have gained a lot of popularity because they are such a spectacle to watch, but with that spectacle comes the loud noise.  Unfortunately, dogs have a much more sensitive sense of hearing that humans do and those loud noises the fireworks make when they go off easily frighten most dogs.  There are, however, some remedies for helping your dog not get scared during the fireworks shows.

1. Prescription Narcotics.

These can be prescribed from your vet or you can buy them over the counter.  These drugs will knock your dog out or sedate them in a safe manner .

2. Dog Earmuffs

Yes, these are a thing and they are exactly what thye sound like.  A tiny pair of earmuffs cover your dog’s ears to (hopefully) lessen the noise.  Like almost everything else you could ever want, you can pick them up on Amazon.com

3. Thunder Jackets

These are jackets that you can put on your dog that are suppossed to help them calm down during thunderstorms, but can also work during fireworks skows as well.  They essentially swaddle the dog to compress his or her body and help them relax.

4. Putting them in a windowless room with the TV or Radio on

This is the oldest trick in the book.  If you don’t want to spend any money, this option usually works.  Fireworks shows usually don’t last more than 15-20 minutes so leaving your dog alone in a room with some white noise on should not be too much of an issue.

All of these remedies can work for your dog if he or she is scared of fireworks, but nothing beats sitting with you dog and holding him or her close because they fell safe with you.  I hope everyone has a safe and happy Fourth of July!