Benefits of Smaller Dogs


Big dogs, small dogs, and medium sized alike are all great pup choices, but dogs come with special additional benefits just based on their size. Of course large and medium sized have their perks, but right now the spotlight is focused on the little ones.

Small dogs are probably the reason why the saying “great things come in small packages” came about. There is so much joy and excitement shoved into that 4-15 lb body they sashay around. They’re fun, full of perkiness, pep, and happiness. Even with the occasional yappy bark, having a smaller dog makes an owner’s life easier in multiple ways.

Nobody likes to leave their dog at home. Man’s best friend should be able to be a best friend at home and on the road. This is why the ability to bring your pooch on the majority of travel vicinities is a giant plus for this tiny dog. Think about all the ways to travel and the truth is your teeny dog can accompany you on most of them. A lot of places don’t have explicit rules for dogs in relation to travel, but most have the silent rule of “dogs are not allowed.” With that being said, when you have a dog smaller than your carry on, the trains, planes, and busses sometimes let this rule slide. Take American Airlines as an example of this: “Depending on the animals’ breed, size and requirements, they can travel as a carry-on, be checked or transported with American Airlines Cargo.” Unless your dog is a hellion, just based off the size of your pet you should be good to go!

Long distance travel is a huge leap of success for these smaller breeds, but short distance travel is something worth mentioning. Short distance meaning from one room to the next or even to the opposite side of the bed. Just limited movements can be more than difficult if you own a dog bigger than 30 pounds. Imagine your dog wants to sleep on your pillow at the same time you do. It’s not an uncommon situation, but having a smaller dog comes with the ability of scooping him/her up and moving him/her to the foot of the bed with ease.

Last but certainly not least, smaller dogs come with smaller everything! From feeding your dog smaller portions of food to smaller amounts of shedding, tinier can be better! A bunch of the “it’s a small world” benefits add up to being perks that are easy on your wallet. Smaller food portions lead to smaller costs on dog food a month. Smaller amounts of shedding go toward spending a little less on lint rollers. When they go to the bathroom it’s a smaller amount which isn’t necessarily better for your wallet, but it’s undeniably way better than a larger bowl movement.

Small dogs are wonderful in almost every way. Less is more, great things come in small packages, and any other “tiny is better” line you’ve ever heard would probably relate to our little, furry friends. So when you’re deciding on what dog you might want to get next, consider the runt of the litter, it might surprise you and be everything you’ve ever dreamed of in a dog.