The 8 Best Chew Toys for Dogs


Chew toys can be a life saver for those owners who don’t have the time to entertain their dog(s) all day due to work or their children’s activity calendar. Chew toys give an owner a helping-hand by occupying his or her dog for a long period of time while keeping the dog mentally stimulated at the same time. However, in order for the toy to engage the dog for a long period of time, the toy should be made out of sturdy material.

With all the possible chew toys in the world it is difficult to pick the ones that are the best for your dog, and of course, you want the best for your dog. Who wouldn’t?

  • The KONG Classic Dog Toy

This toy is the most popular toy for dogs due to its sturdy material. Even if your dog is a destructive chewer, this toy will last for a decent amount of time allowing you to get your moneys worth. The best part about this toy is that thier is a hole in the middle of it so you can put a yummy snack such as peanut butter in it for your dog.

  • The KONG Flyer Dog Toy

This toy is the best toy to bring along to the dog park or any wide open space, and it is known to be one of the most imperishable toys out there. You could spend hours playing fetch with your dog and find no obvious damage.

  • The KONG Tugga Wubba Dog Toy

This interactive toy is also a squeak toy that owners haven’t found to be too irritable or loud. This toy is made out of strong material so it will last your dog a long time.

  • The Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy

This is a must have toy that every dog should have in his or her collection. I mean what dog wouldn’t want a bacon flavored bone that lasts more than 10 seconds?

  • The Nylone Dura Chew Wolf Bacon Flavored Hollow Stick

Nylabone is a great brand, and this toy seems to be a favorite for many dogs. You will notice how your dog and this toy becomes inseparable.

  • Chuckit! Small Ultra Ball 2-Inch

This toy is great for playing catch with your dog because you can literally chuck it! This ball, which also works as a chew toy, bounces higher than most. This toy lasts forever and is easy to find with the red and blue colors.

  • The KONG Squeakair Tennis Ball with Rope Dog Toy

This toy that is made up of a rope and ball is twice the fun. You could play tug-a-war or catch with your dog, and then later your dog can chew this toy to its little hearts desire.

  • The KONG Extreme Ball

If you hadn’t noticed already, but KONG is a well known and loved brand. This toy is recommended for a large dogs because it takes a destructive chewer to be able to do some damage to this toy. However, there is a smaller version of this toy for the small dogs out there.

I hope this helps all you owners out there pick out your dog(s) next gift/distraction.