Is Your Dog Depressed?


Like humans, dogs can go through phases of life including depression. It’s important to avoid letting your dog get to this point, but there are symptoms that all owners should watch out for.

Dogs will become inactive, no longer enjoying the toys and activities they once did. Dogs can also become withdrawn from their owners and other animal friends they may have. They may also experience a change in their eating or sleeping habits. Many of these symptoms are similar to humans, so it makes it easy to watch out for them.

Some of these symptoms may point to other health issues, which means that going to a full check-up at the vet is especially important.

Major life changes can cause a dog to experience depression. Moving to a new house, adding a new baby or animal can cause depression. If an owner is home less or even passes away, can lead an animal down a path to depression.

There are several ways to help a dog out of depression. Simply tending to their needs more closely and increasing their exercise regime can help immensely. It’s important to keep dogs involved and active. Try praising and rewarding your dog when she shows signs of happiness, in order to encourage that behavior into becoming the norm.

Other treatments include medications such as Paxil, Prozac, Zoloft and Clomicalm used for anxiety in dogs.

The most important thing is recognizing these symptoms, pinpointing their origin and finding ways to help your dog out of this funk.