The Value of Brushing Your Dog’s Coat


For the past couple of weeks I have found clumps of white fur all over my family’s house. The other day I found my dog laying down in her usual spot on the used to be red carpet that has now turned almost completely white due to the white fur surrounding her. When it was my turn to take the dog for a walk yesterday, I began to notice how the extra fur still attached to her was making her exceedingly hot in the sun cutting back her 5-10 minute walk down to a minute. After the walk, I found the dog brush and brushed her for a good 10 minutes even though my sister continually said that she would get to it eventually. There are other reasons to why someone should brush his or her dog weekly other than keeping a somewhat clean house and allowing your dog not to die from the heat.

For one, brushing your dog’s coat weekly helps to stimulate the skin and allow natural oils to flow. Brushing a dog’s coat once or twice a week is to us as showering and washing ourselves daily. However, we shouldn’t wash our dog’s coat that often because it weakens the natural oils that he or she needs. We allow the natural oils to flow by brushing the fur regularly rather than washing it regularly.

Brushing your dog’s coat frequently also allows you to take a closer look at his or her body. While brushing your dog’s coat you are encouraged to take a peek at his or her eyes, ears, and teeth as well as look for discolorations of the skin or any bumps that could be a sign of a tumor. It also gives you a chance to make sure no insects or fungi are living in your dog’s coat, which could cause an infection or irritation.

You also get to spend quality time with your dog while brushing his or her coat. When you brush your dog’s coat, you are able to give them your full attention and love allowing you and your dog to strengthen the bond between the two of you.

Lastly, brushing your dog’s coat regularly helps to maintain your dog’s dapper look. No one would want his or her dog to feel unconfident in his or her fur. It also helps to build a routine for your dog so he or she doesn’t have to continually feel pain every time you try to brush out the tangles and knots. You can decrease the pain of brushing by doing it more often making it more enjoyable for your pup.

I hope my story and these four reasons encourage you to begin brushing your dog’s coat regularly if you already don’t do so. I garuntee you that your dog will feel a lot better and be a lot happier in his or her reduced and dashing coat. I also garuntee you that your home will be a lot cleaner if your dog sheds have as much as mine.