Top 5 Places Your Dog Likes to be Petted/Scratched


Most people’s first reaction when they see a dog is to ask the owner if they can pet it.  Petting a dog can make you and the dog happy.  There is nothing like seeing a dog open its mouth, almost as if to smile at you to thank you, when you pet him or her.  Here are some places that dogs like to be petted or scratched:

5. The Back

This is an automatic go to spot.  It is usually safe for new people to pet the dog here as the dog feels no threat.

4. The Hindquarters

This is another go to spot for when you first meet a dog.

3. The Neck

Dogs with long fur especially enjoy being scratched around the neck, but be careful beccause dogs could see this as a threat of you going for the neck, so approach this option with lots of care and only if you know the dog.

2. Behind the Ears

I’ve never seen a dog not enjoy being scratched behind the ears, even humans love it!  When you do this, make sure to be careful arouns their ears becasue some are very sensitive and can be damaged if handled incorrectly.

1. The Belly

This is by far and away the best spot to pet a dog.  I have never seen a dog happier than when they are getting a good belly rub.  Be careful though, the belly of a dog is a very vunerable area as the have no hair there and some dogs will be more leery of people and not let them approach their belly.