Keep Your Dog Entertained With a Food-Dispensing Toy


As much as we might hate it, we sometimes have to leave our dogs at home unattended while we go about our daily routines. When we leave for work, for example, we have to leave our best friends alone at home with little entertainment. Sure, there are countless toy products out there for dogs to enjoy for those days we can’t be with them, but dogs tend to get bored rather easily.

However, an innovative new toy called the Kong Wobbler stands out as it is specifically designed to keep our furry friends entertained for longer periods of time. The toy, which is made out of a high strength polymer, is aimed to dispense treats as it is constantly moved. It is safe toy with a hollow center in which the treats are dispensed periodically as dogs play and spin it around.

Not only does the Kong keep your dog entertained for longer periods of time, but it also serves as exercise for your dog as it will surely keep him moving. To further motivate your dog to play with the rubber toy, fill it up with his favorite treats or, as their official website suggests, consider adding a small amount of peanut butter to entice your dog.

Kongs come in different sizes – small, which fits 1/2 cup of food, and large, which fits 1 cup of food – so that smaller dog breeds and larger ones can enjoy it equally. The top part of the toy screws off easily so that owners can fit whatever treat they prefer to feed their dogs with inside. The Kong is not only fun for dogs, but extremely convenient for owners as it dishwasher-safe and will provide entertainment, exercise and treats for your dog whenever you are not around or are busy.