The Nasty Implications of Scooting


There are times where when I look at my dog, I can see him doing peculiar antics that are entirely unique to dogs. One of these is when he just drags his but across the floor, no matter what the ground material is. Grass, concrete, wood, or whatever. As it turns out, this is actually caused by something called anal impaction. There is no definitive reason why this happens, but it commonly occurs after your dogs does No. 2 (gross).

When a dog poops, it is supposed to spread its scent using two glands located on their rear end. When the glands do not release the fluid, they can swell up and start to cause pain for the dog. This is something vets check for during a dog’s wellness exam. You can empty a dog’s glands on your own though. A small sized dog’s glands should be emptied if the glands are larger than the size of a standard green pea. The glands of larger dogs should be emptied when they become bigger than a small marble. Be sure to do this outside if you are attempting to do this with the big dogs, because the process is both very messy and very smelly. If this condition is left untreated, it may lead to anal sacculitis, which is when the anal glands can become inflamed and often infected. This requires immediate veterinary attention, as it can cause your dog of myriad of other health problems as well as searing pain.