Maintaining a Healthy Coat


The needs of a dog’s coat can vary depending on the breed and over health of a dog. It’s important to keep a healthy coat on your in order to ensure they are living the best life possible!

A healthy coat will be shiny and short, even on short-haired dogs. It should not be greasy or give off an odor.

An unhealthy coat would basically be the opposite of this description. The hair will be dull with dry, brittle hairs. There may be bald spots or matting and the coat may appear dusty.

There are several easy steps to avoid this unhealthy look!

Brushing is an integral part of keeping a coat healthy and shiny. Some dogs will require more frequent brushing, while others can go a while without it. Even very short haired dogs can benefit from benefit.

Bathing is another step in having a healthy coat. A dog may smell from a build up of bacteria and oils, this is where a bath will come in. Try to avoid over-bathing as it can cause irritation. Bathing once a month is completely suffiecient and using dog-formulated shampoo is your best bet.

Nutrition is the number one most important parts of maintaining a dog’s healthy coat. Feeding nutrient-rich dog food to your pup will be the best bet. Any foods filled with essential fatty acids are your best bet. If there is an issue with your dogs coat, the first to look into is the nutrients he/she is getting!

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