Pokémon Go: A Beneficial Game Towards Dogs


I’m sure everyone has heard of the virtual game Pokémon Go, which can be played on any Niantic, IOS, or Android device. Honestly, I would be extremely surprised if you haven’t heard of this game because not only is it the most popular game to play these days, but since its launch last month it has been all over social media and the news. Well, for that small percent that hasn’t heard of this game, Pokémon Go is a virtual game that allows you as a player to personally capture, battle, and train your Pokémon pets around the world. Simply walking around the neighborhood or hanging out at the closest park can allow you to find and capture multiple Pokémon.

One of the games most favorable and useful attributes is that it gets its players moving around rather than them just sitting and playing video games in the dark all day. Even though this attribute was mainly focused on its players, it has been proven to be beneficial to dogs as well. As people get ready to go out and capture all sorts of Pokémon, they get their dog ready as well; however, their dog believes that they are merely going on a walk. Due to Pokémon Go, dogs have been given longer walks, in time and distance, compared to what they have been given in the past. In fact, some dogs have been observed to be more “pooped” than usual due to these strenuous walks.

Now, walking your dog while playing Pokémon Go has become a common activity in neighborhoods, parks, and cities. However, if you do choose to walk your dog while playing the game then remember these two safety tips:

  1. Place yourself and your dog in dog friendly areas.
  2. Remain alert to your environment.

It is important to follow these safety tips because there have been people who have gotten hurt while playing Pokémon Go because they were not paying attention or were too caught up in trying to catch a Pokémon. The most important tip would be to remain alert at all times so you don’t take your dog in a busy street or an unsafe area unknowingly where your dog or you could get hurt.

If you don’t have a dog but would like to walk one while playing Pokémon Go, no worries. A lot of animal shelters now are promoting this type of activity. These particular animal shelters are allowing Pokémon Go players to come in and “rent” a dog to take along with them as they capture, hunt, or hatch a Pokémon. Since the players are walking a dog and playing the game at the same time, they are able to increase the amount of steps they take in a day. Not only is it beneficial to the players and the dogs, but this promotion also gives a helping hand to the shelters who try to walk a large pack of dogs a day.

I hope you all find this interesting, and that it encourages all you Pokémon players to take your dog or to “rent” a dog to take along with you as you explore the Pokémon world.