Human Foods That Are Safe For Your Dog


Sometimes it seems unfair that dogs do not have the same luxury as we do of eating all these wonderful and flavorable foods. I mean, could you imagine never being allowed to eat chocolate? Or, never being allowed to flavor your food with garlic? My life would be over if that were the case. Owners, however, do have a variety of dog food brands and recipes to choose from for their dog, but I can’t imagine a dog not getting bored of eating the same food for breakfast and dinner everyday. It’s similar to when your at the school cafeteria, and it’s difficult to find something to eat because you’ve tried every option available to you already. Nonetheless, we as humans are fortunate enough that we get to mix it up during the day and not have cereal twice a day and everyday.

What if I were to tell you that there are some human foods that are safe for dogs to eat that are not vegetables or fruits? These foods obviously would not give your dog all the nutriential value that a cup of dog food would; however, these foods would allow you to mix up your dog(s) eating habits while adding some flavor to his or her life.

The human foods that are safe for dogs to eat are:

  • Shrimp

I wouldn’t suggest giving your dog little shrimps every day, but a couple every once in awhile wouldn’t hurt your dog. Shrimp are full of antioxidants, Vitamin B-12, and phosphorus making them nutritious for your dog.

  • Hard Boiled Eggs

Eggs, however, are only safe for a dog to eat if the egg is thoroughly cooked since raw egg whites can cause your dog’s biotin levels to weaken. Therefore, be careful while preparing this delicacy for your dog.

  • Turkey

If you choose to serve turkey to your dog, please be conscientious in how you prepare it. It is important that you prepare the turkey plain (without garlic or any other seasoning) and to remove excessive fat, skin, and bones. Bones can be the most threatening element to your dog’s health because if your dog were to swallow one it could tear the intestines or block them.

  • Cheese

Unless your dog is lactose intolerant, this is a great snack to feed your dog. It is also a sneaky way to hide medicine that your dog isn’t too fond of taking by placing it between two pieces of cheese. Be that as it may, you will want to serve it in small portions to your dog.

  • Peanut Butter

Giving your dog a spoonful of peanut butter is not only a good snack for your dog but a healthy one as well giving your dog a good source of protein.

  • Plain Popcorn

This is a snack that must be given to your dog in moderation, and it is to be prepared carefully because if the kernels are not thoroughly popped then it can cause your dog to choke.

  • Bread

Bread is a food that does the same thing to dogs as it does to us, which is making us a bit more fat. Bread does not aid a dog’s health, but it doesn’t harm it either. However, it is still yummy to eat.

  • Plain Yogurt

This is the perfect snack to help bolster a dog’s digestive system due to the active bacteria found in yogurt. This treat is also packed full with protein and calcium.

As always, I hoped you enjoyed reading this article, and that it provided you with ways to spice up your dog’s life, specifically, his or her eating habits.