It is cute to see your dog having some fun in the sun if you happen to live in a sunny place. But if you live in a humid place, the sun can prove to be very dangerous. While humans sweat in order to keep their body temperature down, dogs do not have sweat glands. They instead pant or use their foot pads. Humidity, however, can make this much more difficult for the dogs. When it is more humid, moisture does not evaporate as easily as in drier locales. A dog’s internal body temperature is anywhere from 100-102 degrees Fahrenheit. Their internal temperature can rise to 105 if left outside. The health implications are very dire if they don’t cool down, like irreversible brain, kidney and liver damage.

So if you are outside and feel that the temperature is too high for you to comfortably sit for a few minutes, then it is strongly recommended that you do not force your dog to go outside, either. If you are considering walking your dog in the heat, there is a quick way to determine if it is too hot to safely walk your dog. Go to either the sidewalk or the street and place the back of your hand on it. If you feel discomforted by holding the back of your hand to the sidewalk or street, then you should not walk your dog, as their feet are more sensitive to temperatures (high or low) than your hand is. And of course, make sure your dog is well hydrated, even if they spend the whole day indoors.