Facebook Study Differentiates Dog People Vs. Cat People


A rather common question amongst us pet lovers is the following: Are you a dog person or a cat person? It is meant to define people in regards to their pet preferences, making the assumption that you like or strongly prefer one over the other.

Cat people tend to be associated with single people or those who would much rather stay in their homes as opposed to going out. Dog people, on the other hand, are jokingly said to be more outgoing than those who prefer cats over dogs. It is a widely-used stereotype that people with cats are more introverted than those with dogs; yet, a new Facebook study suggests this stereotype might just be true after all.

Facebook used its’ advanced systems to generate some interesting data using a sample of 160,000 people in the United States and analyzing their pet-related posts. The results are quite interesting:

Dog People Seem To Be More Outgoing and Have More Friends

According to the data collected from the social media mogul Facebook, dog people (or those who continuously share photos of their dogs on the site) have an average of 26 more Facebook friends than cat people. They also tend to chat online and connect much more often with their online friends as opposed to cat people. However, cat people do get invited to more events than dog people, hinting that they do put their friends to good use!

Cat people are also 2.2 times as likely to befriend people with similar pet preferences than dog people, who on average befriend 1.8 times other dog people. This does not mean, however, that cat people are averse to befriending dog people, it just means they tend to prefer being friends with those who also love cats.

Dating: More Cat People on Facebook are Single In Comparison to Dog People

The widespread joke and belief that cat people are single may have some truth behind it. Facebook based these findings on the relationship status of both cat and dog people, and found that 30% of cat lovers on Facebook are single while only 24% of dog people are.

Moods and Emotional States

One of Facebook’s popular features is the feelings feature, where people may share the mood they are in and/or what they are currently feeling. The data collected from this particular feature suggests that cat people are far more likely to share feelings of annoyance and being tired than dog people. However, they also tend to share being happy and loved a lot more than dog people, who often post about feeling excited, proud or feeling blessed.