Rescued Dog Gets Prosthetic Legs After Having His Cut Off


In a rather sad incident from Phuket, Thailand, a dog had his legs cut off with a sword after playfully chewing on the neighbor’s unattended shoes. The dog, who is named Cola, was roaming around the Thai streets neighboring his owner’s house when he stumbled upon one of his owner’s neighbors’ garden. The neighbor had left his shoes outside, and Cola found them and began chewing on them.

After realizing what Cola had done, his owners paid the neighbor 1,000 Thai Baht (about $29) for compensation and profusely apologized for what their pet had done. The neighbor, however, remained angry and decided to take matters into his own hands. He later returned to the house with a long sword and severed one of Cola’s legs completely. He then continued to swing the sword at Cola’s other leg, but decided to leave it hanging by a thread ‘to teach him a lesson’.

Cola, who was a mere 9 months old, was left badly injured and bleeding. His owner was unsure as to what to do, and due to lack of money, decided it was in Cola’s best interest to contact somebody from the Soi Dog Foundation. The foundation is run by John and Gill Dalley, a couple from Leeds, England, who moved to the Thai island after visiting and witnessing the overwhelming amount of disease-stricken stray dogs.

The Dalleys wanted to rescue Cola and give him the proper treatment he deserved after hearing about the horrific incident, and took him into the foundation. However, something else pushed them both further into taking the badly injured Cola into their care, as Gill herself had both of her lower legs amputated after contracting a rare form of bacteria while saving a drowning dog soon after they moved to Phuket.

Gill immediately felt an emotional bond towards Cola, who also seemed to feel the same as he went to her as soon as he laid eyes on her. John told The Mirror, “Cola and Gill had an instant bond. Gill obviously understands the issues in learning to use prosthetics and the problems involved in getting used to them.”

Cola now has two prosthetic legs on his front ends and is enjoying life again as he learns everyday how to get used to them.