Fun Apps For Your Dog


In the modern world, we are all guilty of perusing the much-loved App Store, or Google Play for Android users, and checking out the new apps available whether they are for entertainment or convenience purposes. While there are countless apps designed for making your life that much easier and/or entertaining, the vast majority of them are focused on humans.

Luckily, for all you pet lovers out there, more and more apps are being designed and released with the sole focus on your four-legged friends. While some of these are purely for humor and some laughs, others prove to be quite helpful in regards to caring properly for your furry friends.

Check out the list of dog-approved apps below and see if any of these may interest you:

How many times has an impromptu road trip with your friends suddenly appear? Not too
often, but it may still happen, right? In any case, whenever you suddenly have to skip town for whatever reason and cannot take your pet with you, you can now
use this app to book a ‘staycation’ for your dog. It features pet-sitters near you, complete with other users’ reviews, information about their homes, as well as any pets they may have.

Pet Snap

Every dog owner knows it’s not always easy to take photos of your constantly moving dog. Even so, we all love to look at them and share them with our friends to show how awesome our pets are. This app features 32 different noises to get your pets’ attention in order for you take the perfect photo, including cat noises that are sure to catch your dogs’ attention.


This interactive app uses GPS systems that allows you to see other dogs in your nearby area who are ‘marking their territories’ and enables you to befriend them on the networking site. It’s like a Facebook for dogs!

Hopefully, you will rarely or never have to use this app, as it functions mainly for emergencies. However, it is always useful to have an app that details what to do in certain circumstances, such as a broken bone or a dreaded accidental poisoning. The app features videos, tips and tricks for many different unfortunate situations.

This app also functions with GPS and serves as an attachment to your dog’s collar. The app lets you see where your dog is at in its’ interactive map even when you are out working. It will also track your dog’s activity and send you a notification or message if your dog goes beyond the boundaries you set when first downloading the app. Furthermore, as it tracks your dog’s movement, it can also give you a ruff estimate of your dog’s exercise on a daily basis.