Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?


It’s not uncommon to witness a dog munching on some leaves or grass, and, fortunately, not many experts believe it to be harmful for your dog’s health, but why do they feel the need of doing so when they can simply wait for a treat or for their dinner? While there is still no accurate scientific reason behind it, many specialized veterinarians and experts share some possible logical explanations behind this weird behavior. Below are the 3 most accepted reasonings behind the question as to why dogs tend to chew on grass:

Upset Stomach
A dog with an upset stomach may seek out the natural way of inducing vomit in order to make himself feel better. Grass has blades that, when ingested in larger portions, tickle your dog’s throat and stomach lining. In return, this may induce the urge of vomiting, but mainly so when the grass is swallowed entirely or in bigger portions as opposed to being chewed on. This could also be an indication that your dog has worms that are upsetting his stomach, which is why he attempts to throw up by himself.

Nutritional Value
Grass contains some nutritional elements to it that your dogs’ commercial diet may be lacking. If your dog’s full diet consists solely of commercial dog food, and he/she continuously tries to eat grass instead, it may be an indication that you should be adding certain vegetables or natural herbs to his diet in order to fulfill all of your dog’s dietary requirements. This may also suggest your dog’s current diet lacks enough fiber, which leads to your dog munching on the grass to fulfill his fiber needs.

Before the modern dog and the convenience of being fed on a daily basis, their undomesticated ancestors had to fend off for themselves. While they were not necessarily carnivores or omnivores per se, ancient dogs would eat anything they could find that would fulfill their body’s basic nutritional requirements and helped maintain them healthy. In certain instances, they would also devour prey that happened to be plant-eating, leading to them eating the plants found in their insides as well. Some experts believe this may have something to do with why dogs sometimes eat grass, even if they have other dinner options readily available.

Whatever their reasoning behind eating your backyard’s grass is, dogs won’t be harmed after doing so even if they may throw up later, unless you use powerful pesticides. So don’t feel nervous whenever they are doing so, and simply marvel the fact that dogs, while sometimes misunderstood, are certainly magnificent creatures.