Taking a Dog To Public Places


How fun would it be if you were able to take you dog everywhere with you? Whenever I go out without my pooch, I always miss him! It’s always such a treat when I find a place he can tag along. It can be work to take your furbaby out with you, but here are some steps that will make life a little easier.

  • Make sure your dog is ready. Some dogs may have anxiety in busy or loud places and make sure that your dog can handle all that chaos. It’s also important to be sure that your dog is okay to be near other animals. Many times you may pass or sit near another dog. If your dog is animal aggressive- it’s probably best to avoid being out in public. People may come up to pet your dog, if he’s skiddish try to be aware of those around and make sure people know not to approach too quickly.
  • Be prepared for anything. More than likely, your dog will need water at some point. It’s smart to invest in collapsable water bowls that fit right into a purse. Having this handy will avoid a dehydrated pup. Your dog will definitely have to go poop during this trip in public. Be sure to pay attention to this need and have bags to clean it up. No one likes doggie doo-doo lying around! Some dogs may get tired and need a break. Plan to stop and rest every few hours, so your pooch doesn’t tire himself out too much. Bringing training treats along would be really helpful in calming a dog and makes for teachable moments.
  • Have fun! Your dog is going to be so excited for a fun filled day. Take them to all the sights and let them explore with you. Bringing a toy, like a ball or frisbee, to throw around in a park would make for a perfect day. Let them make friends and socialize before going back to their regular routine.

Hanging out with your dog outside of the house and neighborhood can be so much fun. There’s a lot of work that goes into it, but at the end of the day it’s all worth it!