Protect Your Pet From The Sun


If you are lucky enough to live nearby a beach, you should probably be aware of the fact that dogs, like humans, can suffer from sunburns after too much sun exposure. Sure, dogs won’t show red, blotchy skin after laying down under the sun a little too long, but they sure do suffer the same or similar skin damage as we do after too many sun rays.

How is it possible that they can become sunburned, you may wonder – well, dogs have certain vulnerable areas throughout their bodies that aren’t as heavily fur-coated as others, including their nose and paws. These areas become vulnerable due to the less amount of fur on them that serve as a natural protection against the debilitating sun rays. Additionally, some dog breeds, such as the Chinese Crested, who have less hair are much more susceptible to suffer from mild to severe sunburns, which is not only damaging to their beautiful coats, but can also become increasingly painful depending on the amount of UV rays they are exposed to.

So how can you protect your furry best friends from sunburns without limiting their fun outdoors? Check out some of the tips below to find out how to furthermore protect your pet from such damage:

Look Out For Shade!
This one may seem like a no-brainer, but it is always good to remind yourself that even though your dog doesn’t seem to get red with the sun, they do get similar damage and should be kept under shade while long periods of time outdoors. If you’re out walking your dog on a particularly sunny day, attempt to rest for short breaks under trees or any other shaded areas.

Rub Some Doggy Sunscreen
While this one may look like a useless fad or trend, dog-centered sunscreens are actually pretty helpful to maintain your dog’s skin protected. Regular human sunscreen often contains zinc oxide, which is harmful and toxic for dogs, which is why buying a dog sunscreen is important for your dog’s health. Invest in a good one if your pet tends to be under the sun or if you are taking him to a beach day.

Put On Some Clothes
If your dog is allergic to sunscreen, a good alternative would be to put on some thin layers of clothing to prevent severe sunburns. Look out for something that can cover most of your dog’s body, but made out of  alight material so that he doesn’t feel too warm in it. This may take some time getting used to, and while your dog may not like it at first, he sure would look cute while rocking some new fashionable clothes.
Don’t Over-Groom
If you plan on taking your dog out on sunny days, consider skipping the groomer’s and leave your dog’s coat longer than usual as their fur serves as a natural protector from the sun. If you must trim it, try to leave at least an inch of fur to serve as protection.

Buy Some Doggy Goggles
Similarly to humans, dogs’ eyes are sensitive to the UV rays produced by the sun. Dogs are also susceptible to suffering from canine melanoma, which is why you should also invest in a pair of doggy sunglasses if you live in a sunny area.