Allowing Dogs to Cuddle With You on The Furniture


We all love those moments at the end of a long, hard day when we can get home, get into our baggy clothes, put on our favorite movie, and curl up next to our dog. Or, when we can go to bed with our dog curled up in a little twist on the other side of the bed and then being woken up by lots of kisses all over the face in the morning. Of course it is more comfortable to do so on the couch or bed rather than the floor because the ground is, well, hard, and the furniture is cozy. It would be cruel for you to leave your dog on the hard wood floor while you enjoy your cozy couch. It would also be cruel to go to sleep on a comfortable, fluffy mattress when you leave your dog to sleep on a lumpy and frayed dog bed. So, to ensure that both you and your dog are comfortable, you allow your dog on the furniture. However, the real question is if you should allow your dog to cuddle with you on the furniture?

Honestly, it’s a trick question! It does not matter whether you decide to allow your dog on the furniture or refrain your dog to only the ground. It truly depends on how you feel about it and if your dog prefers hanging out on the floor or up on the furniture with you. Nonetheless, there is one factor you as an owner and as a pack member should take into consideration.

Seeing as though that dogs are pack animals and consider their human family to be the rest of their pack, there will always be a hierarchy to keep tabs on. For instance, it is common for families to try to establish the family members to be placed higher on the totem pole and to establish the dog to be placed lower on the totem pole. However, allowing your dog on the furniture can give him or her a sense of equality or that he or she are higher on the totem poll. Allowing your dog on the furniture can lead to some territorial issues or cause your dog to act aggressive when you try to move him or her off the furniture.

Be that as it may, not all dogs become aggressive if you allow them to hang out on the furniture. Some dogs do respect boundaries and understand that there is time and place for hanging out on the furniture. For instance, some dogs may learn that it is inappropriate to hang out on the couch when the family has guests. I honestly believe that it depends on how often you allow your dog on the furniture. If your dog is allowed on the couch every time you sit down or only when you pat the spot next to you to assure your dog this is a good time.

Like I said before, the choice is completely up to you because there is no right or wrong choice. The right choice is whatever is best for and your dog.