Stray Dog Adopted After Refusing to Leave


Flight attendants travel all over the world and make countless emotional connections from people of different cultures. Well, a flight attendant has now made headlines all over the world for a rather unusual relationship built while traveling for work.

German-native flight attendant Olivia Sievers was roaming around the Buenos Aires, Argentina’s streets on some of her time off from work, when she suddenly spotted a lonely stray dog by himself. Being an animal lover, Sievers fed him something and played with him for a little bit before she had to take off.

Much to her surprise, however, the dog followed her back to her hotel and would refuse to leave. Sievers suspects the dog hadn’t had any type of affection for a long time, leading him to become significantly attached to her after only a few minutes of attention and endearment. The dog remained at the outsides of the hotel until Sievers had to fly back home to Germany.

Despite Sievers leaving, she often had to make the trip back to Buenos Aires due to her work schedule. The stray Argentinian dog somehow managed to know whenever Sievers was in town, and would search for her back at her usual hotel, where he first followed her to. The loyal dog would remain behind the glass door of hotel and would not leave until he spotted her.

Due to her hectic work schedule, Sievers attempted to get a loving family to adopt the stray dog. Her multiple attempts to get him adopted all failed, as the stray canine kept escaping and searching for Sievers back at the hotel. After having this happen multiple times, Sievers decided to adopt the dog and named him Rubio, which stands for Blonde in Spanish.

After a lot of paperwork, Sievers managed to get him back to her native Germany. Rubio seems to be enjoying his new life in Germany alongside his absolute favorite human in the world and now his beloved owner.