Dog Elected As Mayor


Meet Duke: A 9-year-old Great Pyrenees who is the Honorary Mayor of Cormorant, Minnesota. Yes, you did read that correctly. Duke has once again, for the third consecutive time, being elected as the mayor of Cormorant; and he won by a landslide.

Duke was a bit too busy performing his political duties and last minute campaigning and was unavailable for an interview, but his owner, David Rick, did tell ABC Station WDAY, “Everybody voted for Duke, except for one vote to his girlfriend Lassie.”

Duke was first elected mayor of the small town of Minnesota due to an error written on the  voting ballots. In order to be able to vote, citizens of Cormorant have to pay a $1 fee to cast the ballots at the annual Cormorant Daze, a lively festival featuring live music, food stands and chainsaw carvings. Each Cormorant Daze brings out hundreds of people together, the vast majority of which keep voting for Duke to continue his third consecutive term as their Mayor.

Surprisingly, Duke isn’t the first animal to be elected into office throughout the United States, as there have been two other dogs and a cow previously holding political seats. Duke does, however, possess one of the highest ever approval ratings throughout the country. He already has three different billboards out throughout the town of Cormorant, and is expected to have more as his third term progresses.

So what what Duke’s first act after being re-elected as mayor, you may ask? A well-deserved victory pet for the great Pyrenees. Life as a mayor can sure be pretty ruff.