Prep Your Dog For Kennel Boarding


Even though we would all love to take our canine best friends on every vacation we take, sometimes this is just not a feasible option. Whether you have to leave your pet behind for a weekend, a couple of days, or for extended periods of times, we always worry about leaving our pets behind. How will they adjust to the boarding kennel, and what if they miss us too much? These are common worrisome thoughts that cross our minds, but there are some steps you could take to reduce your and your dogs’ anxiety while you go away.

Search For Recommendations and Book Yours Early
It’s always best to go to a well-recommended kennel, because having other satisfied customers puts you at ease in knowing that they perform their duties spot-on. After looking around and finding the kennel you think suits your and your pets’ needs best, try to book your dog’s stay in advance in case they have no space left for your dog, especially on popular holidays. Remember, if it’s a good and well-known kennel, others might be looking for the limited spaces as well.

Keep Your Dog’s Vaccines Up-to-Date
Not only will most kennels require this, it is best to do it anyway because you don’t want your dog to catch something while you’re away. Your dog will be in the same facility as numerous other pets, and you never know if any of these pets may be carrying around an easily-transmitted disease. Take your dog to the vet beforehand and make sure he is in good condition to be left alone, as well as has his vaccinations up-to-date.

Treat Him With Tick and Flea Preventatives
While you’re already at the vet, discuss with him/her what is recommended and best suited for your particular pet in regards to preventative methods for ticks and fleas. Having your dog in close proximity to various other pets, despite of the season or weather, always puts him at risk of catching those pesky ticks. You wouldn’t want to come back home to an itchy, tick-infested pet, would you?

Consider a Roaming-Around Kennel
Some facilities allow dogs to roam around freely while exercising and playing with fellow kennel boarders. This will allow your dog to socialize with other pets and will likely reduce his anxiety and/or sadness of not having how owner around. Besides, your dog will probably have a lot more fun while interacting and mingling with fellow four-legged friends while you’re away.

Pack Your Dog’s Food/Favorite Treats
Packing your dog’s food will make him feel much more at ease than suddenly getting fed other types of food. Furthermore, suddenly changing your dog’s diet, while not extremely common, could potentially upset your pet’s stomach. Having his favorite treats around and keeping his same diet will reduce any risks of an upset stomach and an overall upset dog.

Leave Emergency Contact Information
Hopefully, the kennel boarding facility will never have to use this information, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. Leave your veterinarian’s contact information as well as any trusted family member’s or friend’s information behind with the facility to ensure your dog will be taken care of even in abrupt medical emergencies.