Postman Writes Fake Letters For Dog


Every pet lover knows the awful feeling you get when your dog is sad, whether it is because you had to scold him after something he did or maybe after an unexpected visit to the much-dreaded veterinarian. In order to spare an overly-excited dog’s sadness, a Brisbane, Australia postman began writing fake letters for the dog to receive.

Pippa the Golden Retriever anxiously awaits her regular postman by looking out the window. As soon as she spots the hard-to-miss mail bus, Pippa runs towards him and waits to get her owner’s mail and later deliver it at her house. Sometimes, however, there is no mail addressed to her owners; yet Pippa never misses a day outside waiting for it to arrive.

For this same reason, postman Martin Studer
began writing fake letters with loving notes
for Pippa to receive and deliver even when her
owners were not expecting any mail. Studer
explained that he simply could not bear passing
through Pippa’s house without stopping to greet
her or hand her some mail. Luckily for us, Studer managed to capture the exact moment of the loving exchange in which he improvised and wrote out a note to Pippa, while also capturing the excited dog’s reaction.

Studer later shared the beautiful exchange on Facebook, where the post received countless likes and shares and soon became viral. Along with the photos, Studer shared, “Sometimes, Pippa comes out for the daily delivery but there’s no mail for her to collect,” Studer wrote on his Facebook post. “So I have to improvise.”