Dog-Focused Art Gallery Opens In London


Sometimes we wish there would be more interactive activities for our pets to enjoy instead of just taking them to the dog park or out for a walk. if you are one of those dog owners who gets bored of your same-old routine with your dog and wish to do something differently along with your four-legged best friend, you can now visit the world’s first ever contemporary art exhibition designed for dogs to enjoy.

This art exhibition is unlike any other you have ever visited – all of their paintings are hung quite low, to meet with dog’s eyesight rather than with humans, and also features a number of different actives designed solely for dog’s entertainment. Contemporary artist Dominic Wilcox opened his exhibition aptly titled ‘Play More’ at a London location for a mere 2 days, and was pleasantly surprised at the positive outcome of this never-before-seen type of exhibition.

Unlike any other art exhibitions, the ‘Play More’ features several different paintings from distinct artists that portray only the colors on dog’s visual spectrum, enabling them to enjoy the art without compromising any color they can’t visualize. The exhibition was divided into four different installments, all with different types of interactive games and features aimed to stimulate dog’s health mentally and physically.

Wilcox himself is an avid animal-lover, which is why he dedicated himself to creating such a distinct gallery for dog’s to enjoy while exercising both their minds and bodies. All of the installments were focused on actives most dogs enjoy doing, such as jumping in pools and looking out through windows.

One of the most-liked installments was certainly the piece named ‘Dinnertime Dreams’, which consisted of a 10 ft. wide bowl filled to the rim with 1,000 dog-food shaped balls. Dogs would jump in excitedly as soon as they saw it, while their owners took pictures of them enjoying the doggy toy pool. 

Amongst the many other installments for dogs to enjoy were the frisbee-sound simulator screen, the open car window simulator, and the giant raw meat scented fan that blew on dog’s faces.

Check out the photos below and catch a glimpse of all of the fun these dogs enjoyed at the unusual art gallery.