Top 10 Smartest Dog Breeds


All dogs are smart in their own particular ways, yet different breeds excel in different activities. For example, certain breeds are more keen on learning tricks while others are better at sniffing and finding things. Despite of their abilities, all dogs deserve the same love and respect, and each dog may excel at different activities through thoughtful training and care on behalf of their owner.

In any case, the American Kennel Club provides a list of the top 10 smartest dog breeds, detailing those activities that help classify them into the elite list. Check out all 10 smartest dog breeds below:

1) Border Collie

Border Collies come in at number one at this list due to their high levels of energy and the companionship they provide for their owners. They  are also known for herding and being intensely connected with their human owner, making them great companions.

2) Poodle

Yes, even if Poodles often seem high-maintenance and girly due to their popularized haircuts, they are extremely intelligent pets. In fact, their unusual haircuts were initially designed to improve the way the breed hunted and retrieved water, as their fur would only cover essential organs. Poodles are especially great at obedience and training, making them the perfect pet for those who love to show new tricks to their dogs.

3) German Shepherd

The Shepherd, which was originally bred asa highly-intelligent dog, is also quite courageous and protective, which is why they are often associated with the police and are the preferred guard dogs. Shepherds tends to display eagerness for learning new tricks and can learn them after only a few attempts.

4) Golden Retriever

While this particular breed is mostly known for its loving nature, Golden Retrievers are also highly intelligent and can learn up to an astounding 200 different commands. They are also known for being patient and caring, making them perfect pets for those who seek companionship. Lastly, these dogs also often display eagerness to please their owners, highlighting the fact that they can easily learn things and seek praise for doing so.

5) Doberman Pinscher

Not only are Dobermans always on high alert, but they are also extremely loyal dogs and prove to be excellent guard dogs. Dobermans are also known for their stamina and fearlessness, and, despite being seemingly scary dogs, they are also quite gentle and docile when trained correctly.

6) Shetland Sheepdog

Another herding breed, the Shetland Sheepdog is a highly devoted pet, and displays the same commitment and protectiveness it gives while herding animals to its’ caring owners. They are bright dogs and can learn new tricks and training methods with very little repetitions.

7) Labrador Retriever

Labs are very affectionate and loving pets, which is why they are amongst the most popular breeds for house pets. They are also gentle, patient and easily trainable – all the more reason why Labs are often chosen as the top breed for rescuing units and for disabled people.

8) Papillon

Despite their small and overly-cute appearance, the Papillon is actually a highly-alert dog breed known for their over-protectiveness and athletic stamina. These small dogs can endure long walks and are often described as ‘big dogs in small bodies’.

9) Rottweiler

Rottweilers make a great addition to any family due to their loyalty and courage. They are often associated with guard or police dogs as they are a very courageous breed known for possessing perception. While Rottweilers are usually very reserved with strangers, they are very affectionate with family members.

10) Australian Cattle Dog

Last but not least, the Australian Cattle Dog takes the last place on the list. These dogs are very agile and active dogs, not only physically, but mentally as well. They are often used as for herding cattle, and are so organized that some owners have even noticed they put their toys away after playing with them!