What to do When You Miss Your Dog at College


We all love the idea of heading to or back to college in the fall but hate the idea of leaving our dogs for months at a time. I mean, your dog is not only a part of the family but also your best friend, and what would you do without your best friend? He or she cuddle with you when you are sad and plays with you when you are bored. They may have grown up with your entire life, and if not, they may have become a tremendous part of your life in that short time period. Well, if you miss your dog half as much as I do when I leave to go to back to school, here are some tips on how to cope with it.

For one, constantly ask your parents how your dog is doing when you talk to them on the phone. It’s common for your parents to call at least once a week, which may be a pain or annoying, but it does not hurt to get some information about your dog’s well-being while you are at it. It’s a simple question, and your parents will understand that you miss your dog. However, I wouldn’t make it seem that you miss your dog more than your parents. They may not take that lightly.

You could also ask your parents if they could put your dog on video chat for you to say hello. I am strong believer that when you miss your dog, your dog misses you more, and it would not only brighten your day to see your dog, but his or her day as well.

Lastly, you could find someone else on campus such as a roommate or friend that misses his or her dog just as much as you miss yours. I assure you that you are not the only one who misses his or her dog, and if people have told you otherwise they are most likely lying.  So, find a buddy and talk out your sorrow with them! He or she might be happy as well to have found someone who is just as dog crazy and loving as he or she are.

It is completely normal to miss your dog while at school. I mean, it seems unbearable to go three months at a time without seeing your best friend. However, I promise you that you will get through it and not alone either. You are NOT the only one who misses your dog’s presence. I always seem to miss the feeling of my dog sleeping at the end of my bed or coming up to greet me when I have returned from a long day of school. Without those little things, life seems strange. However, do not fret, the time will come when you return home to your family and best friend, but until the time comes, have fun and socialize. It is what your dog would want you to do. I hope this helps! 🙂