Kinzie Hotel in Chicago Hosts Pooch Party In Honor of National Dog Day


Yesterday’s National Dog Day brought out a ton of different activities centered on dogs on a nationwide scale. The festivities for our dogs have not ended just yet, however, as some activities are still going on strong. Amongst these, stands out a party hosted at a hotel in Chicago that will be taking place tonight.

The Kinzie Hotel, a chic luxurious boutique hotel located in the Chicago Loop, will be hosting today a pampering party for both dogs and their owners alike. The event will consist of pampering with spa treatments, complimentary gift bags containing a wide variety of products and treats, and dog-walking. Owners and dogs will be able to mingle with fellow party-goers and enjoy themselves while celebrating their beloved pets.

The pooch party, which is taking place today due to yesterday’s holiday, is also an initiative by the hotel to promote their new decision of allowing pets into their facilities. After the party and today, the hotel will be featuring pet-sitting and dog-walking opportunities to hotel guests on a  year-round basis. Spa treatments for dogs will also be featured at the chic hotel.

Additionally, Kinzie Hotel is teaming up with the ALIVE Rescue institution in a bid to raise money for the local non-profit rescue organization from some of the products being sold at the event, which include, but are not limited to: gourmet treats, pet shampoos, and chew toys. They are also promoting together ALIVE’s ‘Dog of the Month’ social media program, which is centered on the idea to showcase different homeless dogs throughout the city as an attempt to get people to rescue them and provide them with the love and care that they so desperately need.

If you happen to live in or nearby Chicago, don’t even hesitate and take your dog along to a pooch party to enjoy himself.