Dog Walks To Nearby Town Every Day for 12 Years


Dogs are known to be loving and loyal pets – admirable qualities that make us love them even more. These particular qualities were once again displayed by Bruno, a dog from Minnesota, who makes a 4-mile walk to a nearby town every single day.

Bruno walks along the highway every day on his quest to get to the small town of Longville in Cass County, which only has a total population of 200 people. Despite him living at a nearby town, Bruno is considered a local by everybody at Longville as he has been there daily for the past 12 years.

You would think that after 12 years of the same routine, Bruno would get bored. Having the same exact daily routine, however, doesn’t seem to phase Bruno at all as his days consists of the following activities in the same order every day: After walking the full 4-miles to get to Longville, Bruno likes to make his first stop at the local deli for a nice meaty treat that is happily given to him through the back door. After that, he likes to stop by the City Hall and hang out there for a few minutes, maybe stealing some well-deserved pats by the local after his dedication to the town. He then makes his way to the ice cream shop, after which he ends his routine at a specific gas station.

                  The Longville locals even give Bruno a quick wash before he heads back home.

Bruno’s owners, Debbie and Larry LaVallee, told the Daily Mail that he was found by a neighbor at the end of their driveway and given to them by mistake thinking it was their dog. As he was just a puppy and nobody ever claimed him, the LaVallees decided to keep him. They soon realized, however, that Bruno doesn’t like to be tied down to a family, and would much rather wander around for a bit. Bruno always makes his way back home, despite loving to wander throughout nearby towns.

Sharon Rouse, a Longville local, watches Bruno arrive at the town everyday from her office window at the Hansen reality office. “It’s just been his routine as far back as I know. Everybody knows Bruno. You may not know the people, but you’ll know Bruno,” Rouse

“He’s kind of a big deal here.” We agree, Sharon, Bruno is undoubtedly a big deal and a loving animal.