Set Up Dog Dates With Bark’N’Borrow App


Nowadays, dating apps have made it so simple to meet others with similar interests and get to know other people. But what if your canine best friends would also like to set up a play-date with a fellow four-legged friend?

Likewise, in other circumstances, you really want to play with a dog and care for one, but you are not ready to commit full-time or simply cannot due to your specific circumstances. If you have agreed with any of these, then the new app Bark’N’Borrow should be your next subscription and download. The new app, invented and designed by 24-year-old Liam Berkeley, you can now set play-dates and even sleepovers through a simple touch from your phone.

The app serves for two different purposes – to either help ‘borrowers’ as Berkeley calls people who wish they could care for a dog but cannot, and for dog owners who have to go away for a day or two and would rather have their pets stay with somebody who will focus solely on them as opposed to leaving them on a dog kennel. Bark’N’Borrow lets its’ users select everything, including distance, breed, size, personality traits, and even the dog’s training level when borrowing a dog from somebody else. Similarly, owners can search for browsers based on personality traits, distance, and previous recommendations. 

Users get unlimited messaging options and appointment set-ups with their subscriptions, and now, 5% of all subscription fees are donated to the Best Friends Animal Society – a nation-wide animal nonprofit organization. In order to promote rescuing dogs, users can also borrow dogs from subscribed shelters in their local or nearby areas. “It’s not within shelters’ budget to be able to market,” Berkeley told Forbes Magazine. “Rescues love it. It brings attention and awareness to their cause.”

The app costs $7.99 a month with a free week-long trial, or $4.99 for three whole months. Furthermore, to prevent people from meeting others and then quitting the app, along with  giving its’ users a peace of mind regarding their dogs safety, the app has a $2 million insurance for any potential accident.