Pet Owner Shares Heartbreaking Photos of Dog’s Last Day


Losing your pet is never an easy thing to do or go through, not even when you’re aware they will be passing soon. This was the ordeal a woman -who has not yet been identified- was going through with her beloved yellow Labrador called Hannah, who’s health had significantly deteriorated and was going to be euthanized in a day’s time.

The heartbroken owner used the social media platform Snapchat to capture the last day of Hannah, and posted a whole album of photographs to Imgur highlighting all of Hannah’s last day activities and pampering with her family. Hannah’s owner, who can be seen in some of the photographs, captioned the album “Dogs are too amazing to let go, but sometimes it happens and they will forgive you.”

Along with the caption, Hannah’s owner shortly explained what led to the difficult decision of euthanizing her, as she said “For about two months Hannah has been having seizures, they were small and nothing to worry about, but they gradually got worse. Hannah was on a couple of meds, one for her kidneys and another for the pain she had in her elbows and her hips,” explained her owner.

Not only was Hannah suffering from seizures, but she had to be kept drugged all day with her meds in order to decrease all the amount, the length, and the gravity of her seizure, and “when she wasn’t on her meds, she couldn’t walk well or make it up the stairs, several times she fell down them or up them.” Hannah was suffering from her kidneys, hips and elbows, and her owner, after much deliberation and hurt, decided it was ‘selfish’, as she described in her post, to keep Hannah living through the meds that barely worked.

The photo album went viral and gathered 600,000 times in just 72 hours. Despite of the heartbreaking circumstances, Hannah certainly enjoyed her last day with lots of pampering, play dates with her best four-legged best friend, and even a last McDonald’s meal.