Pilots Help Fly Dogs To New Families and Homes


Debi Boies, an avid animal lover, found through online sources the dog of her dreams – a rescue Doberman pup who was likely to be euthanized if nobody adopted him soon and provided him with a loving home. As soon as she saw the dog, she knew she had to save him and become his new pet-mother. The only problem standing in their way, however, was a rather significant one. Hundreds of miles separated them, as Boies was in South Carolina and the dog was in a Florida shelter.

After going through all of her options, Debois began wondering why shouldn’t she enlist the help of a pilot to help bring her dream-dog to his newfound home. After successfully, through the help of an admirable pilot, she managed to transport the dog to her, Debois initiated a non-profit organization that would do just that – find available pilots who could  transport dogs to different places and new homes. Debois got her Doberman back in 2008, and now, her organization has managed to move 65,000 pets around the nation with the help of loving pilots who dedicate time to provide dogs with the opportunity of a new family and a new home.

There are currently about 5,000 different pilots enlisted with the Pilots N Paws organization. “Pilots just love being in the air, so when you give them a job to do, when they can make a positive impact, most of these pilots are just happy to help out,” Jeff Bennett, one of the pilots, told NBC News. Despite of the pilots not being paid for their efforts and time, Bennet thinks they get repaid in other ways that are much more rewarding than monetary gains. “One, is when you take a dog to a final adopter and you see the smile of the family’s face. The other one, of course, is when you now that a dog is going to be euthanized and you actually get them to a safe environment,” Bennet explained.

It might seem a lot easier and less complicated to simply get these dogs adopted in nearby families, but this isn’t always a feasible option, especially in the southern states where dogs are usually euthanized and the shelters are significantly overpopulated. Although the name of the organization is Pilots N Paws, they don’t limit their services to just dogs, as they have previously transported a wide variety of animals in need of homes or care, including, but not limited to, hamsters, rats, and cats.

Pilots N Paws is a volunteer-run organization and all of the workers and pilots involved in the loving program aren’t paid for their efforts. The organization does, however, take donations so if you are interested in helping out a little, check out their website here and find out more about their admirable services.