Why Fostering a Dog is Easy


The Number 1 Reason people say they cannot foster a dog is because they “wouldn’t be able to give them up” and then they’d have a “house full of dogs.” As a foster parent hearing this over and over again can be so incredibly painful. What must they think about you; giving up dog after dog month after month? Are you heartless?

No, the truth is, giving up a foster dog is one of the easiest, most rewarding things a dog-lover can do. Because, no, it doesn’t mean you don’t love the puppy who has been sleeping on your couch for the last month. It means you really truly super do. You love that dog so much, you took them in when they were at their absolute worst. You worked with them to feel more confident, and less fearful of others. You began to build bridges so eventually they could trust again. You let them pee in your house for a week without yelling because you knew it would do more harm for them than good. That is love.

When the time comes, and a family wants to bring your little couch-surfer home for good, you will say yes. Because they absolutely deserve it, and the dog who can now take their spot deserves that chance as well. Because you know they have worked hard for it, and the next dog will work hard as well. Because they will stop peeing on your floor, and your new foster will bring an entirely different set of problems. But saying “yes” to an adoption application will be easy, because you have done your part.

Sure, you have now formed a bond that will be impossible to replace, but that’s okay. They are home. You might miss them being at your house for a little while, or for a long while. In no time at all you’ll have 10-20 dogs you miss. And you’ll miss them all for different reasons, but that’s okay. You opened up your home, made a new best friend, and then watched that friend move out and on. Parts of it were definitely hard, but snapping that “first photo” picture of them with their new family will bring you nothing short of glee. You also now get to make another new best friend. And another. It is so worth it.

People who are unwilling to put in that work will always have an excuse, but we need to bust the “have trouble letting them go” one out of the water right now. It is simply untrue and can cause those who do open themselves up to the possibility of saying goodbye every week to second guess themselves. To foster a dog is to be selfless, and full of love. It will never be anything short of that. Every person who has an open home and a little bit of time should consider fostering, and letting go, of a dog. Talk to someone at your local shelter or adoption group about the option! They will be so glad you asked. #bullyfambam #bullyfambamblog