Get Your Dog Summer-Ready


We all know how adorable a fat dog can be. They have extra rolls to squeeze on to, and always seem just an extra ounce more snuggly than your average pup. Plus, they tend to be slightly less active which adds to the whole couch potato vibe. Everyone loves a big lap dog, and why try to deny it? Something about a pudgy pup just checks out.

But that doesn’t mean they are healthy, or that being overweight is a good thing for dogs. In fact, being overweight not only decreases a dog’s lifespan, but can also decrease their quality of life. It just isn’t as much fun lugging those extra pounds around- no matter how many extra pets your pup seems to get. Plus, over time, it can cause your dog to develop extra health problems.

The good news is even dogs can put in the work and get a beach body by Summer. Now is the time to start, for the sake of your best friends’ heart and joints. We, here at BullyFamBam, are ready to be your dogs cheerleader, fitness coach, and body guru. We want your pup to live their absolute best life! So, here are a few ways your animal can slim down for the upcoming Summer months.

If you have the time and energy, increased exercise is a cost-effective and healthy way to help your dog slim down. The two of you do not need to start running marathons together, but maybe bumping that weekly walk up to two or three times a week is an obtainable goal. Or, you could simply extend the ones you are enjoying together now to include an extra block. Your pet will definitely appreciate the new scenery.

If you are unable to exercise more yourself, but do have the time, another option is to go to the local dog park. If there are lots of playmates around the park it is an easy way for your dog to burn those extra calories. Plus they have an absolute blast while you get to sit back and watch.

When time is not a resource you have ample amounts of, cutting down on the calories can help. It is important your dog still gets their nutrients and feels full, but there are ways to substitute less calorie dense foods for their regular kibble. If your pet usually gets a cup of food in the morning and evening, try giving them ¾ cup kibble instead, but with the added bonus of some cooked green beans and carrots. Those nutritious and healthy foods can make up the ¼ cup of kibble that usually fills them up for breakfast and dinner.

It is important you discuss any drastic lifestyle modifications with your vet, but these small changes can be extremely effective if implemented safely. Your dog can slim down and live a healthier life at any age if you’re willing to lead the way. The two of you can do this and we couldn’t be more excited for your journey. Don’t worry, your pup will still be every bit as cute at the end of it.