Ain’t Nothing But a Hound Dog


There are a lot of rumors going around about hound doggies. As someone with experience, it is time to put a stop to those rumors. Hound dogs are not good for nothing. They are, in fact, high performing hunting dogs when properly trained in the sport. When not trained, however, they still have a lot of fun, breed-specific behaviors and defining features.

First, have you seen those ears? Breeders even use the ear length in their description of hound dog breeds. If you adopt, the adorableness of the ear flop is just an added bonus. Some ears are so long owners can practically tie them in a knot (although we recommend against this). They also hang low, and wobble to-and-fro. Potentially could be tied in a bow. They also enable your dog to have exceptional hearing, but let’s be honest, it’s the cuteness factor that makes them work in a hound’s favor.

They are incredibly lazy animals when not on the hunt. Although they like to run and play with the best of them, they are just as happy to spend their days sleeping in the sun, or on your bed, or under the table, or in the bathroom. Generally, they do not care, they just want to sleep. This makes them extremely low maintenance animals. If you don’t have a lot of down time to devote to a dog, you should consider adopting a hound. They are happy just to be in your company, whether their eyes are open or shut.

They absolutely can learn to ignore food. They are not born “food-hounds.” Like all dogs, if trained to not expect food from the table, they will not expect food from the table. Sure, they are a big breed and can counter surf easily, but they are also extremely obedient. Hound dogs can be stubborn, but at the end of the day, they just want to make their owner happy. If given the proper time, discipline and motivation, this is a breed that will leave you alone while you sit down to eat with your family.

They are vocal, but in the cutest of ways. You can carry on a conversation with a hound dog and they will actively participate. Nobody will ever say your dog is “yappy.” No, instead they will laugh at the ridiculous bellows your dog produces until their tummy hurts. These dogs don’t bark all of the time, and can actually be some of the quietest animals, but when they do you will be so glad they spoke up. It is such an easy way to break a bad mood.

Unfortunately, they are usually the first animals to be euthanized in the shelters, and the last to be adopted. That may be why they are “crying all the time.” Whether you get your hound from a breeder or animal adoption agency, show some support for the hounds out there. The more they are talked about, and the more people are educated, the better their worlds will be. They certainly make our world better.