Sick Day Doggy Activities


Whether its you or your dog, sometimes you just need a sick day! After the doctor clears you of any concern and tells you to “just rest,” it is important you find a way to do that. If it’s your dog that needs a rest, you need to make sure they do that too. Unfortunately, as every owner knows, getting a dog to calm down and relax is not always easy. Here are some ideas to help get you through this sick day. It’s time the two of you sat down and took a break:

  1. Take a nap, preferably in your bed
  2. Watch a movie, preferably something with animals in it
  3. Find the exact spot that makes their leg shake when you pet it
  4. Bundle them up in a pillow fort and sit reeaaaally close
  5. Clean the house until they get bored and lie down
  6. Sit outside in the yard while they wander around sniffing stuff they shouldn’t
  7. Put on some soothing tunes because, believe it or not, dogs do respond to music
  8. Try some “calming” treats from
  9. Paint their portrait while they constantly change positions
  10. Put some fuzzy socks on and pet them with your toes
  11. Read a good book while petting their head
  12. Tell them they are a “good boy/good girl” over and over
  13. Bake them a meal of chicken and white rice water stew
  14. Eat the meal with them
  15. Count how many kisses you can steal before they fall asleep

Although keeping your dog calm can be a challenge, it can also be a great day of bonding. If you keep yourself calm, cool, and collected; your dog is more willing to follow suit. These are just some fun ways to entertain yourself while letting your pup get the rest they need.