How to Work from Home with a Dog


Currently, thousands of employers across the United States are giving their employees the option, or the command, to work from home. For someone with a furry, barking, family member, this can be a dream come true or death to their work effectiveness. An adorable coworker can be a huge distraction and take a big toll on productivity- or it can be a welcome break and creative outlet. The choice is ultimately up to you. If you feel, however, that you are going down the “distraction” route, here are some tips to help you and your rambunctious new coworker out:

Delegate your responsibilities to them.  Since they can’t do your job for you, this really means you need to find them their own personal task. Maybe giving them a project bone to work on is the right step. Or, a rather large chew toy. The more hours they spend on their own project, the less they will be needing from you. If they are uninterested in what you are doing because they are too busy working hard themselves, you are in serious luck. Use that time to power through your daily tasks so that you have more time to nap with them later; after a days’ worth of hard work.

Find a way to work in your usual auditory atmosphere. This generally means you will be needing a pair of headphones. If your work office is generally quiet, noise cancelling headphones are your best bet. Completely tuning out your dog is a great way to limit how much they distract you (just try to also ignore how cute they look sleeping on the couch right now too). If your work environment usually has music, feel free to play your own tunes through that headset. And, if your work atmosphere is often brimming with people talking, look up some background videos online. There are plenty of videos out there to help mimic your natural office environment. The one thing most offices have in common, however, is that there is no barking dog in the background.

Take momentary breaks. Instead of having to stand by the water cooler, you can now take a breath by petting your favorite friend. This will not only give you the break you’ve been needing, but will help calm you down even more than a plastic cup of water ever could. Petting a dog is a natural stress reduction method that can boost overall happiness and productivity. Use this to your advantage. It is not every day you can replace idle gossip times with coworkers with an actual effective stress relief method like canine therapy. Your productivity may just boom after taking one or two “pet” breaks.

In the end, it is just as important you stay safe as you stay sane. When you feel your sanity dripping away stuck at home working, turn to your best furry friend. It can be a major win-win for everyone when you get to stay home, so long as you turn to these tricks as needed.