Going to the Vet in the Days of Covid-19


For those of you under self-quarantine at home with your pup, use this socially mandated break to get some rest and some quality play time in. If you have had to break that bubble to go to your veterinary clinic, however, you may have noticed some changes. Vet clinics across the country are reacting intelligently to the epidemic and trying to maintain social distancing while allowing your pet to get the medical help they need. If you have a vet trip coming in the near future, here is a look at what you can expect when your bring your dog to the doctor.

First, you will most likely have to wait in the car during the visit. This means you need to come prepared with any directions to give and questions to ask ahead of time. Once you arrive at the vet, in most cases, you need to call and let your practice know you and your dog are in the parking lot. Some vets have even numbered parking spaces in order to better find your exact location. Once they know you have arrived, someone will be right out to pick up your pup. You must ensure you have given all directions at this point (i.e. my dog needs muzzled, or cannot eat dog treats during her visit today,) as you will most likely not be seeing your pup again until after the appointment.

While your dog gets checked out you will probably have to wait in the car in an attempt at keeping you and the veterinary staff safe from spreading or contracting Coronavirus. Maybe bring a book, or read more #BullyFamBam Articles. Once your appointment is over, you can expect a phone call from your veterinarian filling you in on all of the details of your dogs appointment. You may have missed all of the cuteness, but at least you aren’t leaving without all of the information. After this, your pet will be returned to your car, hopefully with a clean bill of health.

Now, the two of you can go back to your self quarantine bubble on the couch knowing that your veterinarian is not only looking out for the health of your animals, but also for the health of it’s human staff and customers. It is important you stay safe out there and follow all safety precautions put in place. Sitting in our car at the vets office may be the least we can do to protect mankind. All of the dogs with at-risk humans at home will thank you for protecting the people they rely on every day.