Meet The Intern Rosemary


After interning for #BullyFamBam for three months, I figured it was time to officially introduce myself. My name is Rosey, and I am the proud wife of a hardworking engineer and mother of two beautiful hound dogs.

Dogs have always been a part of my life as my parents had a Dalmatian while I was growing up and then later adopted a Rottweiler mix during my early years. When I graduated high school and the house was dog-less for the first time in years, my mom and I decided to start fostering dogs for a local rescue. We weren’t ready to fall in love and say goodbye again so it seemed like a great way to keep a pup in our house without the heartache. Plus, we got the warm fuzzies for saving doggy lives.

It was during this time I came face-to-face with my first hounds. They are truly a remarkable, low maintenance, goofy breed and I will recommend them to everyone I meet. Norton was our 9th foster dog when he was finally adopted by a family, and our 11th when he was surrendered by that family again. He is an overweight coonhound with a serious attitude and a missing nose. He was the first dog my husband and I decided to bring home forever, and we have never regretted that decision, despite many sleepless nights, long days, and bank account-emptying vet bills.

My husband and I continued to foster throughout our time in New Jersey and eventually decided Norton needed a forever-companion. We began to foster with the intention to adopt. That’s how we adopted Jolene, a gorgeous, sweet, Black and Tan bloodhound. There has never been a dumber, more loving animal. She and Norton get along really well, which with Norton is not always easy.

Recently, we packed up and moved to Pennsylvania and had to stop fostering. Our house is still full and our lives are still busy but it was the perfect time for me to start writing more- something I did a lot of in college when I studied communications. Luckily, this decision brought me to #BullyFamBam.

Plus, I decided it was time to buy a motorcycle with a side car for Norton (he absolutely loves the idea of riding beside me with his dumb hound ears flapping in the wind) so I needed a side gig. Side Note: If anyone has any leads on a cheap, used Ural in my area let me know! Norton will thank you forever.

And a huge thanks for inviting me into your online fam. I hope you’re liking what I have to talk about! Please let me know if there is anything you want to hear more about. I’m always looking for story and article suggestions. You guys are the best and I appreciate all of the love and support!!!!