New Pup Parent Starter Pack


Being the parent of a new puppy can make you extremely proud. It can also make you extremely tired. The good news is, you’re not alone! All puppy parents go through it when they first bring home their little ball of fluff. To help, we’ve put together a new puppy parent starter pack:

Unlimited Pee Pads: You’re going to need way more of these than you could possibly imagine. Estimate that your dog is going to piddle in their crate 10 times a day and then double that. You’re still going to run out.

Newspaper: This is for when you run out of pee pads, or for when you want a combo pee pad newspaper protective layer for your floor. We’re not judging.

Toys: soft toys, teething toys, toys designed to tire your little bugger out; you’re going to need them all. And then some. You’re going to go through about just as many toys as you have pee pads (okay, not really,) but the toy loss rate will only increase as your dog’s teeth continue to grow. Be prepared early on!

Blankets: You’re going to need extra for yourself because when your pup finally passes out on your favorite couch blanket, they will be way too cute to move. Plus, they’ll finally be giving you a minute to yourself. That’s when you pull out your back-up blanket. And when they steal that too, that’s when you pull out your back-up back-up blanket. Trust me on this.

Ear Plugs: For when your pup decides they don’t want to sleep in their crate alone at night but would much rather have your attention. It’s very important that you ignore them during these tantrums. As long as they don’t have to use the bathroom, you have to get them to sleep through the night without relying on you to come rescue them from their loneliness.

A Cute Dog-Parent Coffee Mug: Because not only do you need, and deserve, the caffeine, you also need, and deserve, to talk about your new adopted child. They’re the cutest thing in your life right now, and everybody should be asking to see the pictures. Bring a mug to the office, bring a mug to the park, bring a mug to the gym, bring a mug to the dentist and shove those adorable puppy pictures in everybody’s faces. You’re the winner of cutest kid award this decade.

You are absolutely not alone, and for those of us not currently in your situation, we wish we were. Congratulations on becoming a puppy parent and make sure you are stocked up on all of the essentials! #BullyFamBam welcomes you to the dog family.