Quarantine Activity: Dog Silhouette Portrait How-To Guide


Starting to get bored of walking your dog 500 times a day and watching TV from your couch while your dog sleeps on your lap? I bet you never thought that was possible! Luckily, we here at #BullyFamBam are going through it to and have a fun activity you can do from home without making a trip to the store provided you have the following essentials:

  1. A Piece of White Paper
  2. A Pen or Pencil
  3. A Piece of Black Paper or a Black Marker
  4. A Pair of Scissors
  5. A Phone with a Camera
  6. A Dog
  7. BONUS STEP: A computer
  8. BONUS, BONUS STEP: A printer

See? It doesn’t take anything you don’t have! Now it is time to make your very own Dog Silhouette Portrait.

Start by taking a picture of your dog’s side profile; wait until they’re asleep after the 5001st walk of the day if you have to. Or choose one you already happen to have on your phone. I bet you knew the million camera roll photos of your dog that you have been hoarding would come in handy one day.

Now place your piece of paper over your phone screen and trace the outline of your dog’s adorable face with your pencil. If you are having trouble seeing though the paper, just turn your phone’s brightness up. No art skills are needed here, let the photograph do all the work. Just remember to keep it as simple as possible. The more elaborate you make it, the harder it will be later.

BONUS STEP: If you have a computer, feel free to send the picture to your computer and trace it from there instead of on your phone screen. This will allow you to make a much larger, more detailed silhouette. In the end, though, your dog is a true star and anything you make inspired by them is going to look fabulous. It doesn’t matter what tools you have.

BONUS, BONUS, STEP: If you are having trouble tracing an image from technology like a phone or computer, and you have a printer, feel free to simply print the image and trace from there.

Once you have your image traced onto the white paper, place it on top of your black paper and cut along the edges of your outline. When you lift it up you will have a beautiful black silhouette portrait of your pooch!

If you do not have black paper but do have a black marker, just cut out your white paper outline and shade it in! It will have the same effect.

Feel free to display your art however you would like. You can frame it, decorate it with flowers or stickers, or throw it in the trash and move on to the next project. Either way, we hope you will have succeeded in making some fun and killing some time! You dog’s inner diva deserves to be recognized and used as your muse from time to time.