Bullyfambam Doggy Social School: Best 4 apps to use for content


Hello #bullyfambam rising social stars! As promised from our last post (https://bullyfambam.com/2020/02/06/bullyfambam-doggy-social-school-how-to-be-a-pet-social-influencer-101/) we will go over the top 4 content creation apps to use to make your pet an awesome influencer.

  1. Canva: No professional creative background needed. Canva provides already made templates that make it very simple to add cool texts and images. Already sized from Instagram stories to Instagram feed images. Did we mention it is free?
  2. Highlight cover: All in one App with Instagram highlight options all you have to do is save and upload to your IG. From image only highlight covers to personalizing with txt.
  3. Story Art: If you need other Instagram Insta Story templates  Story Art is a great App to look at. You can easily search for something in a specific example, birthday and they have animated stories that give you that pro look!
  4. Unfold: From editing your own images to adding GIFS to your content Unfold is always updating their app with some new snazzy cool content add ons. They have more of a minimalistic look and feel. If you’re looking for more colorful templates I would recommend Canva or Story Art.
    – #bullyfambam Pupmanager