Meet Intern Evan


My name is Evan and I’m a new intern for Bullfambam. I would like to introduce myself and let you guys get to know me a little better. Just a fair warning, I will be gushing over dogs, dogs I want, and then dogs again.


It is great to be a part of a blog like this that devotes so much time to the loving and appreciation of dogs. These animals really are just treasures that we are allowed to have our lives. Everyone of every breed is just a big ball of love and a companion to have for years.


I think especially in the times that we are having right now, we could all use a dog to keep us grounded, happy, and loving. They are a reason for people to get out of the house for a few (social distancing) minutes and still enjoy every day. Plus, they are a great companion when it comes to mental health. Therapy dogs are an amazing asset to have when it comes to mental health.


Personally, I have never owned a dog but always wanted to. The only pets that I ever had were cats (love them). They are a handful at times and they know it. While you do get affection from cats, it pales in comparison to what you get from a dog.


I have always wanted a nice, fat, and (sometimes) grumpy Bulldog to own. I don’t know why they just seem like the best to me. They try to be fierce but don’t realize how cute they are,  sometimes are so lazy, and it’s adorable.


Don’t get me wrong, while my love for the Bulldog is strong, there are other breeds that I’m fascinated with too. I think that Malamutes are amazing too. Mostly, because I’m a little scared of Huskies (remind me too much of wolves), they are like watered-down, cuddle-monster cousins, that I would love to have.


A Golden Retriever or Black Labrador would be next for me. Those two breeds are just so loyal and pure. Both seem like the type brings you your slippers and/or pull you out of a fire. Also, they look like they would a bunch of fun for not only adults but kids. They seem to understand people more from the videos that I’ve seen or been around.


My last favorite breed is the one that most recently became educated on and that is the Pitbull. I grew thinking that Pitbull’s were “fight dogs” or “bad news”. But, as I started to research them, I found that it was the owners who were to blame for the false narrative that is placed upon them. I didn’t know that they are dependable, extremely smart, and even great with children. It hurts to see that they get passed over a lot for the stigma that is placed upon them and I hope it changes for the dog’s sake.


I could go for fifteen pages about the dogs that I want, why I like dogs, and what dogs mean to me, but I think that I will stop there.


Hopefully, I didn’t bore you too much and you’re still awake lol. I hope to bring the content that you all can enjoy and even interact with me about.

Until, next time.