Alternative Names for Pomeranians


Pomeranians are nothing short of precious. They are sweet and playful dogs, and getting jumped on by one is a blessing. They come in many colors, like orange, white, black, and their fur can even be multicolored. Since they have so many colors and personality traits, they should also have many names.

1. Pom Poms

This is short for Pomeranian. It is fitting because Pomeranians are fluffy, like cheerleader pom-poms. Depending on how long their hair gets and how it’s styled, they can also be circular. While we’re on the subject, cheerleader routine holding Pomeranians instead of confetti poms poms would be great, so long as they’re gentle with the dogs. Pom-poms are not the only thing that Pomeranians look like.

2. Four-legged lion manes

When a Pomeranian’s fur is grown out, it looks like a lion mane on four legs, as the name implies. The orange poms look, especially like a lion mane. Poms typically have four legs, but if your pomeranian is missing any limbs, then the name can be adjusted accordingly (ex. three-legged lion mane). However, the shape of their fur always looks mane-ish.

3. Lion Puffs

They are puffy and look like lion manes. Enough said.

4. (Only for white ones) Albino Walking Lion Manes

Pretty self-explanatory. Moving on.

5. Fluff Puffs

Pomeranians are fluffy. They are also puffy. Therefore, they are fluff puffs. Despite all their fluffy puffiness, they are very compact.

6. Precious Puffy Purse Puppies

Pomeranians are small enough to fit in a bag. Ever see a Pom Pom in a bag? It’s super cute. Their itty bitty bodies fit perfectly in there, but their fur sticks out no matter what.

7. Tribble dogs

I’ve seen one episode of Star Trek episode in my life, and it was the tribble one. Tribbles are balls of fur, and so are Pomeranians, unless they’re shaved. However, some features stay even if their fur is gone.

8. Snail-Tailers

A snail-tailer is a dog whose tails can curl up into a circle and touch their lower back. Pomeranians have curly tails, that stay up quite often all swirly and perky. Lots of other dog breeds are snail-tailers, like Huskies, Shiba Inus, and Pugs. Curly tails are great and worthy of praise.

9. The bomberanian/the bomb dot com-eranian

As we all know, Pomeranians are great, and one could even call them, the bomb or the bomb dot com. Pom poms are so wonderful and are worthy of so many great titles, some of which humans can share.

10. Momeranian

Now this alternate name can apply to both dogs and humans. If a Pomeranian has puppies, the mother is officially a momeranian. Also, if a human owns a pomeranian of any sex, a female human is the momeranian.

Pomeranians/Pom Poms/Four-legged lion manes/Lion Puffs/Albino Walking Lion Manes/Fluff Puffs/Precious Puffy Purse Puppies/Tribble dogs/Snail-Tailers are all kinds of cute and should have all kinds of names. Each Pomeranian is unique and deserves an uncommon name. Some of these pom names even fit other puppers and people.